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Embrace Change: A Discussion Surrounding Native American Sports Mascots And Names
Monday April 12th at 7:00PM
Click the two PDF icons below to download handouts AFTER viewing the video
Presentation Notes
How Do We Actually Honor Native Americans?

The Native Community and their allies have spoken and unequivocally request that Olentangy Schools removes any variation of the Olentangy High School "Braves" mascot, including the proposed BRAVE acronym. We encourage you to watch this video in its entirety to better understand the history and modern events leading to their perspective.

CLICK HERE to connect with hundreds of Olentangy parents and community members and to get involved raising awareness, advocating, ensuring accountability, and taking action when needed.

The Coalition of Natives and Allies is a cross-cultural collaboration of Native Americans and allies who value cultural diversity and respect for all peoples. Through education and advocacy, CNA aspires to teach the truth about Native American histories, modern day Native issues and bring awareness to the trauma caused by negative and archaic stereotypes used for sports mascots. By highlighting the bias and prejudice these stereotypes cause, CNA strives to end the harmful use of Native American misrepresentation in schools. Thank you to the 4 wonderful presenters from

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